A great game design essay.

Raph Koster’s essay on the fundamentals of game design is a classic, and a good read for everyone who thinks about design to encourage participation and/or learning. (That’s right, I’m looking at you!)

If you don’t know about Raph, he was the lead designer behind the classic Ultima and Star Wars Galaxies games, and is author of A Theory of Fun.

If you love Mario, you need to know this guy.

The New Yorker (home of articles somewhat longer than your attention span) has a great profile of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and his compadres and the creative force behind Nintendo.

From a good source

The National Research Council and the National Academies Press are your go-to-guys for careful non-biased research reports on the state of the world.  Just a few weeks ago, they released their report on the potential of video games for science learning.  You can read the whole thing online.

What they’re banning in…

Did your mom tell you that you can’t play Call of Duty? Could be worse… it might be your government telling you that you can’t play your favorite game.