So what are you going to play?

As you ponder what I’m sure will be the most important decision of your entire college career (perhaps your entire life), it might help to hear what others are considering. ¬†So let’s start a comment thread on this post – let us know what games are “in play” for you.

  • Are you going console or PC?
  • Are you going to try something totally new, like a Kinect game on the XBox?
  • Any brave people want to wander in to the “World of Warcraft?” (be sure to leave a trail of bread crumbs)
  • Have you checked out Steam for downloadable games?
  • Are people still¬†interested in Tiger Woods? (available in “slimeball” and “choir boy” editions)
  • Want to run amok in Grand Theft Auto? (not new, but still good)
  • What else!?!