Video Games and the Concept of Irreversible Consequences

Any savvy gamer can tell you that there’s a way around any unpleasant video game event. A character you like dies? You can download a mod to return them to life. Did an event turn out the wrong way? Just reset the game! This article from PopMatters talks about the idea of consequences in video games, and how some fringe games are experimenting with the idea of irreversible consequences:

Personally, I think part of the appeal of a video game is that failure can be overcome. But what do you think? Does it make games less challenging?


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  1. alex82289
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 20:58:39

    I think the whole point of a video game, as opposed to carrying out an event in real life, is that consequences are reversible. Because consequences are reversible gamers are allowed to explore and learn from failure which is why, in my opinion, video games are such a powerful teaching tool. On another note, I do not imagine that games with irreversible consequences would sell well. Can you imagine spending $60 on a game, taking it home, dying on your first attempt at the first level, and as a result of the irreversible consequences of dying, not being able to play or use the game going forward? Sounds like a big waste of money to me!


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