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Seeing how we’ve looked at the involvement of learning in games, this TED Talk brings attention to a crow’s ability to learn. Not exactly video games, but it’s still a game with a reward system.

I think whats also interesting here is how ‘intelligence’ is defined. As seen in previous readings for this class, intelligence in education is equated to memorization of facts, and getting the letter grade. Here intelligence is clearly defined by the ability to learn, and adapt.

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  1. alex82289
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 23:22:40

    In response to the definition of what intelligence is, I agree with you in that I believe that intelligence is more so a measure of an individual’s ability to learn as opposed to a measure of all the information they have obtained over their academic career. As discussed in the Bransford et al reading, due to the recent and mass influx of information into our society, made possible by the Internet and other technological advances, it is no longer feasible for an individual to learn all the information that is floating around our society. In the pre-internet world, intelligence was a function of what you knew and it was feasible for individuals to memorize most of the information society made available to them. However, as a result of the massive quantity of information present in today’s society, it is now more important for an individual to learn how to learn as opposed to learning facts themselves. I think the biggest example of this shift in the definition in intelligence is the wide spread use of and value attached to tests like the SAT. According the College Board, the maker of the SAT, the SAT is an aptitude test in that it tests not what individuals have learned but rather their ability to learn. The SAT is widely used by colleges when making admission decisions which allows me to conclude that colleges are more concerned with individuals ability to learn and see this ability to learn as a reflection of and individuals intelligence.


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