Motivational Montage


More Motivation…?

How’s your team doing? :-p


(courtesy of:  And no, the Ed 222 Instrucitonal team does not condone the words and actions you will see if you follow this link.  But one of the posters does offer hope to those of us with level 12 paladins…)

Amd… still more (de)motivation.

Show Your Allegiance

Check out these cool videogame wallpapers. Too bad they don’t have one for Gamestar mechanic, huh? 😉

Protecting POTUS with video games

The Secret Service is going to replace “tabletop simulations” with state-of-the art 3D “simulation kiosks” to train agents for how to protect the POTUS (that’s the “President Of The United States,” not a plastic tuber that lets you store its arms and legs in its butt) from threats when out and about on city streets. And those guys are about as close as you get to American Ninjas.