Serious Games-video clips

If any of you were curious about what these games might look like, as I was, I found some clips on youtube of serious games:

While I was looking through the clips I was surprised to see they have serious games for a variety of topics from medical training to marketing skills. I wonder how popular these games are as a form of training. Has anyone ever used a program like this for job training?


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  1. Bora Aytun
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 19:01:15

    The number of serious games made for industry is increasing exponentially. Corporate training administrators are recognizing the hands-on experiential aspects of Serious Games and quickly integrating them into their curriculum.
    Here’s an example of compliance and security awareness training:
    In this game-based simulation, the employees become the inspectors (Agent Surefire) to find and categorize information security vulnerabilities created by daily activities in the office. The game’s bonus challenge and scoring system makes it fun to try and find as many violations as they can, providing much-needed repetition. The system allows the users to make mistakes and learn by experience in a completely safe environment.


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