Duty Calls.


The Duty Calls trailer and download:


And Bulletstorm, the new videogame being made by Epic Games and EA which is attempting to change how we think about shooters:


The makers of Bulletstorm actually made a short game making fun of traditional first-person-shooters, like Call of Duty. Their short game mocks the fact that typical shooters take themselves way too seriously, and place way too much emphasis on realism. At first, I thought the game looked completely ridiculous, and was slightly offended, given the fact that I LOVE serious shooters like Call of Duty Modern Warfare (1 and 2). But they make a good point; after what we have learned in class so far, I have begun to question the importance of realism (in terms of graphics) when it comes to making a good, fun game. But, is realism in terms of the degree to which gameplay represents reality the same thing? Part of me enjoys the realism of games like Call of Duty, and I find it to be extremely engaging. But many great games also emphasize fantasy, which is also very engaging. Halo is an example of a shooter that I think is more focused on fantasy than realism (and is arguably the most well-known videogame of all time), but Bulletstorm seems to take it to the extreme.What do you guys think? Does Bulletstorm look like it’s pushing too far away from realism? Or do you think it will actually be a popular release?

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  1. caramol
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 21:43:17

    Wow I had no idea they were coming out with a game like this 🙂 I checked out the trailers and stuff and I’m about to download the demo for my system so I can try it out. But I’m a real big fan of the Call of Duty games and the fact that they try to be as “real” as possible is what makes those games epic. I honestly think there’s a niche for every game developer out there. The Call of Duty franchise took the “real FPS” niche and if they did a game like Bulletstorm, then people would probably be pissed because they’re expecting real. Same thing goes for the Halo franchise… if all of a sudden they made Halo just like COD, then it would just make fans mad because they’re expecting Halo to stay in its niche. I dunno if Bulletstorm will be outselling COD games anytime soon, but hey who knows? Maybe people are looking for a game like this to fill the “most unrealistic FPS” niche? Looks like a good time though 🙂


  2. Craig Belpedio
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 23:00:25

    I’m excited for Bulletstorm. I’m a huge fan of Call of Duty, don’t get me wrong, but I also really enjoy crazily unrealistic games such as Bulletstorm (there’s also an unrealistic driving game, called Blur, that’s basically Mario Kart with real cars that I enjoy). Sometimes a break from realism is just what you need to wind down and have some fun.

    I mean, seriously, there is no way that grabbing enemies with a laser leash, pulling them toward you, slowing time down, and then shooting them in the head is realistic, but it is pretty fun to do 😀


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