Game similar to GamestarMechanic

My roommate sent this link to me and found it kind of interesting

it is a game like Gamestar Mechanic but more social network focussed.


Glitches Get Stitches

I am playing Fallout: New Vegas for our individual gaming assignment and recently found a major glitch in the game.  After completing a mission, there is a line of dialogue with a character that gives you 350 xp and valuable health packs.  The glitch?  The line of dialogue never goes away, so you can infinitely collect these health packs and experience points.  At first, I thought I had hit the jackpot.  Like a madman I used this glitch, rising levels and gaining valuable perks, but soon that feeling of euphoria turned into guilt, and that guilt into shame.  This was not a cheat; I did not have to enter anything into the system or manipulate the game in any way, but I felt like I had cheated by using this glitch.  I really enjoy the game I’m playing and wouldn’t want to give myself any kind of unfair advantage because I know it will change my gaming experience.  It pained me to do so, but I knew the right thing to do, and turned off the game without saving, starting the game over from before I started using the glitch.  I started the game with significantly less experience points and stim packs, but I felt good about playing the game the right way.

Digi-Ops experience; room for improvement.

So upon arriving at Digi Ops, it was nothing like I expected. To be honest I expected a lot more video game consoles than computers and I really didn’t expect the computers to be so isolated from each other. In my opinion, the point of playing video games, in part, is a social aspect. Gamers getting together to accomplish a goal. Whether it be defeating a boss, eliminating the opposing team or survival like in Left for Dead. I expected the computers/ consoles to allow for much more interaction but what we saw was little sections where gamers were isolated from others and the only way of communication was through a headset. Prior to going to Digi Ops, I felt like it would be a team building experience where teams could get to know each other, play different games, and of course play the assigned games so that teams could learn to work together as well as have a competitive aspect to it. While I felt that Left for Dead was a good game to play, I feel that the whole experience could have been done much better. I noticed that there were Xboxs set up and in much closer proximity to each other as well as in a much more open space. I feel like using those would have been a better alternative than the isolated stations that we ended up playing in. I talked to a couple of people in the class and they seemed to agree with my thoughts but these may not be the opinion of everyone. I thought that this would be a nice way to give feedback on the experience since we have no assignments pertaining to it and hopefully improve it for future classes.