George Lucas on Education

Who knew George Lucas started Edutopia? The man who brought us the force and e-woks also brought us a foundation that is doing everything it can to make technology a priority in our schools. After thinking about it, isn’t Star Wars all about blending mental capabilities with advanced technology? Doesn’t it provide students with humble and capable role models? What if every teacher was like a Ben Kenobi or a Yoda?

The video in the link “Technology Personalizes Learning for Elementary Kids”, online assessments allow teachers to make better lesson plans for their students. Not only does it do this, but the students learn computer skills through the assessment. Next stop: lightsabers and pod races.

To learn more about George Lucas’ foundation, click here!:


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  1. Anthony
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 10:33:16

    I personally am not skeptical about where sites like this are going. In another class, Barry challenged his students to think:

    “Are we making better schools, or are we making school better?”

    The basic idea is that either you’re just trying to improve on the system we already have (making better schools) or we’re trying to make a better system (making school better).

    I’m not sure that the focus on doing the same things we always have done (lectures, boards, textbooks, etc.) will help all that much. In fact, show me a “traditional” school that has ever changed curriculums and seen a REAL, meaningful improvement. I think we need to use technologies to get away from traditional, lock-step, classroom based school systems. Video game base education, in my opinion, is one of the few areas where this could really happen. However, I’ve also seen many “online, self-paced” courses that were merely memorization based classes – just like lecture based classes – that don’t check for understanding.

    So… my question is, does Edutopia offer real change? Or blending traditional classroom learning with computers that just do drill and practice?


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