Using Video Games to Proofread Digitized Manuscripts

I know it’s a bit of a tangent, but I thought this article was really interesting, and hey, it is about video games!

The National Library of Finland has developed a video game in which people try to identify whether two words match or not in order to verify the accuracy of digitzed manuscripts.

It’s interesting that the library is using a little iPhone game to motivate random citizens to volunteer for them — do you think this will be more effective than using paid interns or volunteers? What else could people do with crowdsourced video game volunteers?

Mario Kart Love Song

I heard about this video last year and wanted to share it with you guys if you haven’t seen it before.  The song is actually really good and the lyrics are very clever.  On a weirdly sentimental note, growing up I really loved playing Mario Kart, and was completely mesmerized by the lights and colors of Rainbow Road, and I think this song captures the romanticized essence of the video game. Enjoy!