Gaming Profile: Fallout: New Vegas

Hi guys.  I presented my poster on Tuesday and observed that beyond asking questions, a lot of you were curious about if it was a good game or not.  Posters are a great way to learn about how our games apply to what we are learning, but those of us who are always looking for new games to play, I thought this would be a cool way to highlight my game and review it for you here.  I know a lot of people are playing interesting games, and this might be a way for us to promote our games to each other.

Like I said, I am playing Fallout: New Vegas.  The game takes place hundreds of years in the future, after the country has been destroyed by nuclear war.  All Fallout Series games take place in some sort of “US Wasteland”; Fallout 3 was in D.C., and Fallout: New Vegas is obviously in the Southwest, called the Mojave Wasteland.  You play the role of a mysterious traveler known only as “The Courier”, who has a valuable package stolen from him at the beginning of the game.  Much of the main quest revolves around the Courier trying to get the package back, but after a few twists and turns, it becomes clear that the contents of the package are very important and also very dangerous.  The Courier must battle through dangerous gangs, unstable governments, critters, creatures and mutants in order to save the Mojave Wasteland from falling into the wrong hands.

The game can take hundreds of hours to play to completion, both because of its extensive gameplay and its emphasis on exploration.  The player can discover new areas to explore through dialog options, random wandering, and quests that require you to visit a specific location.  Some locations are small caves with weapons and ammo; some are huge labyrinths teeming with enemies.  In some ways exploration is necessary; a player must constantly search for ammo, weapons, food and clean water in order to survive the treacherous desert.  As the player proceeds further north towards New Vegas enemies become stronger and more dangerous.  A player must constantly upgrade their weapons and perks in order to stay in front of their enemies.  As you complete missions and kill enemies you gain experience points.  Those points go towards two things; your abilities, like how well you can pick locks, use energy weapons, and barter for goods, and various perks that enhance your character, like the ability to do 20% more damage against male enemies, or the ability to reload your weapons faster.

A key component to Fallout is karma; a player can choose to be good or bad based on their actions.  Little things like stealing food thats not yours are seen as small subtractions to your karma, while bigger decisions exist like whether you will use a nuclear facility for its energy or to destroy an entire army.  Your karma will change the way people receive you and also affect your dialogue options.  Additionally, the way you treat groups of people will affect your interactions with them.  If you kill members of a gang you will be banished from their territory, and every time they see you they will attack.  This attention to detail is what makes Fallout such an enjoyable game to play.

I was asked the question, “should I rent or buy this game?”  I would definitely encourage you to buy it.  It won an award for “Best Bang for Your Buck”, and also won an award for top RPG of the year.  The gameplay is long, the controls are fun and generally simple once you figure out how to use V.A.T.S. and your Pip Boy, and the story is engaging.  This will be one of the best games you have ever played, and if you really like it, the graphics and story line of Fallout 3 are very similar and would also make for an enjoyable game.  I hope you guys find this interesting and go out and get this game!  If you are playing it or would like to play it and have any questions, please comment here or come find me in class.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Scott Tsuchiyama
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 11:44:20

    Thanks Matt, solid review! I found this not too long ago, it seemed like an extremely interesting way to add even more replay value to New Vegas:


  2. Doug Sharp
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 22:29:58

    Nice review! I am playing Fallout 3 for this class, and am enjoying it as much as you are enjoying New Vegas.


  3. ivalentinexi
    Feb 13, 2011 @ 18:17:04

    I have played Fallout 3 and I found it one of the best American Made RPGs ever made. They novel idea of combining a shooter and RPG along with the karma system is what makes this game as amazing as it is. I have yet to play New Vegas but I have heard only good things about it and I am sure that when I get the time and the money to invest in this game, I will defeinitely try it out. There are a few things that I wonder if they changed in this new game however.

    1) The glitches- there were several known glitches in the previous Fallout games ie; certain key characters disappearing and never reappearing forcing the player to restart their entire game over. Another similar glitch was the if you entered a building with a monster chasing you they would port into the building with you and start attacking the others in the building –> killing key characters.

    2) The follower system- I am unsure if there are even followers at all in this new game but in the last game you were able to recruit followers that would aid you in your journey. The followers would….well follow you around but ever so often they would get stuck, run off on their own, or fall down somewhere and not able to follow you. I found the followers to be amazingly helpful when they were doing what they were supposed to but I spent probably hours of my time trying to get my followers to follow me correctly. This was done by taking a few steps and pausing, looking behind me to see if they were following me. It got to the point where I can to load up my last save point multiple times because my follower had disappeared somewhere. I feel like that portion of the game was horribly designed.

    3) co-op – I know that this feature is not yet available in Fallout games but I feel that Bethesda could learn something from LionHead studios and put in co-op! This single thing alone would make their game that much better! As great a game as the Fallout series is, it would be minimally twice as good if you could go thought the adventure with a friend.

    These are just a couple of things that I wonder if they changed/hope they will change for the future.


  4. Matthew Berk
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 22:37:20

    Thanks for all the comments guys. In response to the last post; yes, the game is glitchy like Fallout 3. I have not experienced any of the specific glitches you listed, but I definitely find myself saving a lot to make sure I don’t lose my progress. Co-op would be amazing and would work really well for this game. I would take it one step further and make an online gameplay option. The large map almost reminds me of a big team brawl in Halo. It would be interesting if you could choose between characters and do battle all over the Mojave Wasteland. To the guys that are playing Fallout; enjoy!


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