The Sims Medieval

So awhile ago when we were selecting our games for the semester I came across this awesome looking Sims Medieval, coming out in March. I used to play a lot of Sims and now I’m playing Civ IV for class. This new game looks like it combines some things from both of the games. You want your kingdom to succeed (like your nation or empire in Civ), but you also still play individual Sims, and there will be quests that they can undertake. ¬†Personally, I love historical fiction books and in this game it seems like you create and control your own little historical fiction story.

The Sims has had many expansion packs (Night Life, Vacations, University, Seasons, etc.) and 2 whole new versions in its time (i.e. Sims 2 and Sims 3. However, this new version is radically different than the other ones. In all the other Sims you control your Sims in a modern day virtual world, but now this new Sims takes place in a completely different world! Its been awhile but I think its likely I may take up playing the Sims again in the near future…Any other Sims lovers (past present or future) out there?


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  1. Maria Kramer
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 13:29:28

    As a big medieval history nerd, I can only hope that a) they get the details right, dang it, and b) Chaucer turns up as a character somehow.

    Isn’t there already a castle-building medieval sim video game out there? I can’t remember the title, but you build a castle and then defend it from other armies, dragons, etc. The peasant foot soldiers go around saying “I’m confused!” in a very worried tone of voice. Great stuff.


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