Basketball & Algebra

This is an article that I read about a program called 4Real Math. It is a school program that was implemented in Chicago for middle school students in predominantly African American schools. This program teaches algebra through basketball. Although this technique  it isn’t a video game or another form of technology, it still is a great approach to teaching students algebra. Basketball is something that most adolescents are interested in. Relating math, which something that most students fall behind in, to an activity that they enjoy and have to drive to excel in, teaches kids that they can be good in math. “The sky is the limit!”  Another factor is that many students(especially African American) give up in math because they think they will never use it. Seeing math applied to real life activities proves to them that math is everywhere!

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  1. jrubel
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:25:17

    As a tutor in Ann Arbor, I have also employed strategies very similar to this, using basketball to teach fractions. For a young boy, where sports are a way of life and math couldn’t be more foreign, explaining how quarters and halves of a sports game can be used to understand math is very effective. Similarly, this teacher used the NCAA College Basketball Tournament to teach math to her students in Las Vegas. She states that math can be found in every game, such as adding subtracting, finding out point totals, doing differences, doing fractions, and finding out the equivalent of fractions. Just as we learned in class, if students can relate what they are learning to things they are interested and engaged in, they will be much more successful in understanding and improving.


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