NCAA 11: An Experience Not A Game

Seeing this intro really led to an epiphany of sorts for me. NCAA is not just a game, in fact it is much more than that…it gives college students all over the world to feel like they have a personal investment in a game for the first time ever. When you can experience simulation football that seems so real that it takes you back to those faithful Saturday evenings there is something absolutely magical about that…This is the game that I have chosen to play for the semester and I cannot say that I have been disappointed in the least…I have even developed somewhat of an, dare I say, addiction to the popular college football videogame…When you have opportunities like playing as your favorite school, alma mater, or current institution and control players that you see in class every day or walking around campus, there is certainly something captivating and magnetic about this. Any college football fan should experience the phenomenon known as NCAA 11 and for those of us who are still enrolled at our respective universities that affinity is magnified…I sincerely can’t put this game down…even when i’m not playing it…

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