Social Media and Sports

Social media is becoming an integral part of the way Americans watch sports.  During the final moments of this year’s Super Bowl, fans sent over 4,000 messages per second on Twitter.  Countless professional players maintain Twitter accounts in which they provide additional comments and opinions.  Fans constantly visit players’ pages and can interact with professional journalists, teams, or the leagues themselves.

The National Basketball Association is introducing a social video game on Facebook this week.  They are hoping that training digital basketball players will intrigue people.  The game, called NBA Legend, will allow Facebook users to create an avatar, join an NBA team, and follow a simulated career.  Different then traditional basketball games, players will not control the dribbling or shooting, but will build up attributes like speed and skill in order to compete.

The NBA has been trying to turn its social media connections on sites like Twitter and Facebook into new revenue sources.  This game is being released during the league’s All-Star week, which has been a time for the league to experiment with new forms of media and technology.  NBA also sees the new game as a way of keeping fans engaged in basketball even when no games are being played.

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  1. jasshill
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 11:16:13

    As mentioned there is a growing trend in the involvement of professional sports within the social media world. However, certain sports leagues, mainly the NFL are skeptical of social media. More specifically, some NFL coaches, managers and league executives fear that tweets can compromise confidential game plans, injury reports, and sensitive marketing information ( As a result of these concerns some teams have banned players from tweeting during training camps, and the NFL has implemented a rule that prohibits players from tweeting within an hour before kickoff of a game.

    With these rules that have been implemented by the NFL, I was wondering if people think that the NFL is wrong. Should the league be embracing social media, especially with a potential lockout looming? Perhaps, the NFL can follow the lead of the NBA, and develop some type of video game designed for social media outlets, that would help further promote the league.

    I’d be curious to hear what others have to say about this interesting topic.


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