Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning

Video games are the future of learning

In their book Playstation Nation, Olivia and Kurt Bruner present “complex” video games as anaddiction waiting to happen. They point to the complexity of the games and the game developers’ attempts to engage us as a deliberate strategy by video game developers to get players addicted.

It is, of course, those same things that make video games so much fun to play and enable us to learn while we are playing. In his book Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning, Marc Prensky discusses video games as a conduit for our children to learn in a way that just wasn’t available to previous generations.


Here is a link – – to Marc Prensky’s blog where he offers us some reviews and discussion about his book.  Here are some of my personal favorites – thoughts and ideas that resonate true within our class.  

“There are plenty of people lining up to attack video games. Thank goodness for Marc Prensky, who offers the other side of the story in this enlightening and comprehensive guide to the benefits of video games.” – Tom Standage, Technology Editor, The Economist

“After 25 years of making games and hearing decades of criticism, it is great to see someone finally pointing out the powerful positive role that games can and do play in society. While clearly there are real and important reasons why parents should pay attention to how their kids spend their time, games are not a frivolous waste of time. Marc Prensky sheds a clear light on the many values that gaming brings society.” – Richard Garriott, creator of the fantastically successful “Ultima” series of games. Father of a teenage girl

There is a lot of negative press for violent video games, but can what starts bitter end sweet? Education and learning has always been, and always will be a part of our future – why can’t it be fun?

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