Although I don’t get as much time to play video games as I like, I do spend a good amount of time following various blogs via RSS. One of my favorite blogs is The Fox is Black, which is primarily a design-style blog. I originally found it while looking for some new wallpaper. The Fox is Black produces the “Desktop Wallpaper Project.” Here are some interesting ones that the blog has produced/commissioned:

One of the blog’s recent posts is about the line between art and video games. Here it is: . The post brings up some interesting points:

“Video games can be art and art can be video games, but rarely are either regarded as such. You don’t play a video game, enamored by its beauty. And, if you do, you are probably losing the gameplay. Video games are rarely written up in Artforum and art is rarely written up in IGN. The two worlds do not collide and do not seem to have a reason to, beyond the limits of the tangential video art world.”

“No one actually knows what limbo or purgatory or “the in-between” is like at all. But, if it is actually like this, then I guess we have a beautiful, puzzle filled, black/white/gray pre-heaven to look forward to.”

From the preview, the game looks like it allows the players to explore and figure out what to do by themselves. Has anyone had a chance to play this game?  How do you think video games can tread the line between art and gaming?

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