A call for 1 or 2 more group members for group project!

Myself and Scott are currently looking for an additional group member or pair.  We had the idea of making a chemistry type based game that had some elements of the classic Pokemon series.  You would collect elements by discovering them in places where they would normally be found (ie you might have to venture into a mine shaft to find gold, it isn’t just random) throughout the game play and try to “evolve” them to be stronger by combining them in a chemically stable fashion.  For instance you find 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom and you can take it to the “Mad Scientist” and he will combine them for you, giving you a more powerful fighter.  There may also be some isotopes and radiation mixed in with the game to make it more interesting.  The game would obviously cater to an older crowd, probably late middle school to high school.  If you know anybody that is still looking for a group or are interested in joining our group please email me at mgromo@umich.edu.


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  1. Angela Verkade
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 11:00:48

    I know someone already volunteered in class, but I would totally like to join too if you’ll take two people!

    I may be of help, I have taken two semesters of organic chemistry and two of inorganic. I am also an orgo 1 study group leader 🙂


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