Real life video game learning… for boyfriends?

An app called My Virtual Girlfriend for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It’s a The Sims-like game, with a twist. You make your own girlfriend… traits, looks, everything!

I came across this game and was pretty excited. Finally! A game that teaches guys the basics of relationships… maybe? I haven’t played the game or talked to anybody who has played it, but it sure is interesting.

I guess you can level up by being a good boyfriend. But if you’re a bad, terrible boyfriend, then she may break up with you! The site explains it in more depth. Any brave men willing to take on the challenge? I think I may get it… just to see how the women react in the game to different actions in comparison with myself.

My favorite feature of the game is this, “Test your man-skills! Earn Acheivements by completing various tasks and unravel the mystery known as woman.”

But an interesting thing to think about… will the game actually improve the quality of boyfriends? I have gone through a few “bad” boyfriends… but how close will this game get to the habits that they had? And how will the reactions from the “girlfriend” differ from my own?

Here is the site for the game:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria Kramer
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 11:29:07

    I have heard of people learning more about social norms related to dating from playing dating sims…but I have to say I’m not sure I buy it. And I don’t think any game AI can accurately represent the mystery known as woman. 😉


  2. barryfishman
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 10:49:54

    Is there an in-app upgrade to help more advanced players understand the mysteries of a “virtual wife”?


  3. Alex Rich
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 20:47:49

    While on paper this game and the idea of being able to design your own girlfriend trait by trait sounds great I think that, if anything, this game will in fact make worse boyfriends and create a false sense of confidence. While you may argue that you have learned to become a good boyfriend by playing this game and that these newly found, and very useful, skills will be transferable to your real world love life you are sorely mistaken. Why? Because in this game you designed your girlfriend to be compatible with you and to do things you like. Of course you guys are going to get along and avoid fighting; she is just a female version of you! The reality of relationships is that no matter how compatible a couple may be people are different and couples are bound to clash over those differences. The whole point of relationships is making concessions and comprises for your pattern so the fact that a game like this begins by designing your own girlfriend so you can avoid butting heads defeats the whole purpose. Sure you may learn a couple new tricks and pick up lines (apparently girls like flowers and when you tell them they’re pretty) but you will by no means master the ups and downs of relationships nor will anything you learn in games like this truly help you in real world situations. So in summation, unless you have the ability to design your own girlfriend in the real word (if you do please contact me) I would avoid playing this game because it will simply lead to a false sense of confidence in your relationship abilities that will ultimately lead to frustration and failure!

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