Ah Pokemon the good ol’ days

Man I remember Pokemon, it was when I was in the 5th grade and everyone in my school and schools from all over the place were hooked on it. Everything from the game to the playing cards to even the movies and memorabilia. We would trade and compare cards, play the game with each other and battle or trade Pokemon. Me and my friends were so into the game back then that we could recognize the Pokemon just by the little sound that played when you encountered them. We would even quiz each other on evolutions, tricks and tips and the like. Of course that was only with the original 151 Pokemon. Everyone remembers the Blue and Red version? That was definitely the best; great childhood memories. I feel really attached to the original versions but I think they are beating a dead horse with the new versions that keep coming out. let’s see, after red and blue came yellow, then Silver and Gold. Then the remake of the original with Fire Red and Leaf Green followed by Ruby and Sapphire then Diamond and Platinum now finally Black and White. To be honest I probably missed a set in there somewhere.

Pokemon used to be so big, the trading card game was so popular that the good cards were as good as actual money in some places. The TV series was probably the highlight of every kid’s weeknight as they came out with new episodes every couple of weeks. What happened to games like this? Why was Pokemon so popular and why has nothing else been able to replicate its success? Honestly I wish games of this magnitude would come out more, it kind of unites everyone ya know? Its like something that everyone is interested in and can talk to others about. Its so rare that something as simple as a game could accomplish something like this but Pokemon is proof that a game can unite a nation. Everyone remembers the news reports of how Pokemon cards were banned in schools nationwide? That’s because everyone one in every school had them! It was like an epidemic! Sometimes I wish they would leave classic games like that alone instead of milking it until there is nothing left. I hope one day something becomes as popular as Pokemon so kids can have the same experience as we did with Pokemon

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  1. Brad Millman
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 10:39:28

    Pokemon was something. It was more of a supersystem because it wasn’t just a game: it was cards, movies, tv show, books, etc. I don’t know if anything can ever hit that magnitude again although certain things have tried (Bakugan, Digimon, Yu Gi Oh, etc.)


  2. Joyce Tseng
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 10:56:27

    since pokemon used more than one social media it was super effective 🙂 let not forget the plushies too

    i think also the design of the pokemon world itself was flexible enough that it could mold into the other medias. digimon and yugioh required alternate realities within the fantasy storyline to make up a game whereas pokemon is the realm.

    i was watching the news yesterday about toys and kids these days. has everyone seen those stupid rubber bands? its stupid compared to pokemon but for the amusement of kids, money saving parents, and the current economy– those rubber bands work really well.


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