Video Games Help Kids Learn

I read a recent article called Do video games help kids learn? Yes, and no . A survey/study was conducting where they gave video game systems to a number of families and then another few that did not receive one. They found that the kids who had the game system scored better on math and science test. I don’t find this surprising because games require players to have strategy and problem solving. The brain is constantly and quickly making decisions. Players are actively using their brains! To support this I noticed a large number of genius computer programmers play video games. So playing games help kids succeed!

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  1. jrubel
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 11:02:10

    A very controversial topic is whether video games are rotting children’s’ brains or if there are hidden benefits. By forcing children to manage multiple objectives at the same time, they have to control different resources and make decisions every second of the game. Video games also typically require the player to complete a number of specific tasks to win. It has also been found that children who play video games exhibit “fluid intelligence” or problem solving. Fluid intelligence is the ability to reason quickly and think abstractly. It involves our current ability to reason and deal with complex information around us. James Paul Gee discusses how children have to discover the rules o the game and how to think strategically, adding that like any problem solving that is good for your head, it makes you smarter. Moreover, intelligence test scores in the United States have actually been rising. Studies show that games make people more perspective, which trains their brains to analyze things faster. In a recent study by the University of Rochester, participants were asked to count the number of squares, which were flashed on a screen for a 20th of a second. Gamers picked the right number 13 percent more often than non-gamers ( Thus, while many video games are accused of having negative effects on children around the world, there are various positives that come from playing them.


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