Two Great Videos about Education and Motivation

When we were discussing Ender’s Game in class last week, my team touched upon the idea that Ender completely rethought everything about the game.  He didn’t say “what new formations can I create”, he said “formations are stupid” and analyzed every aspect about the game, discarding ideas that other people took for granted.  In applying this to education, it occurred to me that we should do this with education: why do we set up a classroom the way we do?  Why do we use powerpoints and lectures and tests?

I’m housing an exchange student from Austria this semester (a cultural education in itself), and he introduced me to RSA Animate, which animates lectures by the RSA, and are completely addicting.  I found two I thought were relevant to what we’ve been talking about.

The first is about reforming education, and talks about how schools seem more like a factory these days, the increase of the diagnoses of ADHD, and how culture plays a role in our education.

The second focuses on how people are motivated.



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  1. Joyce Tseng
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 11:26:43

    As a fan of Sir Ken Robinson, I’ve seen that RSA video clip. The link between factory-like education, ADHD, and culture is interesting because looking at the US map of where ADHD increases, it’s only on the east coast. The cartoon drawings target technology as part of why kid’s attention spans are getting shorter, but access to that technology (smart phones, Internet, TV) exists spread out across the country. Which means that the ADHD issue and attention time span due to technology shouldn’t be correlated with each other if there is ever a concern that digital games will increase ADHD.


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