Scvngr Shakes Up SXSW

I found this post on, of all places, a social networking site. It discusses how the “Chief Ninja” (aka Seth Priebatsch, the 22 year old founder of Scvngr) is changing the world using his innovative social networking game, which adds a “social layer” to society.

Aviv has a website!

That boy from the nytimes video (Aviv Porath) has his own website!

He started it when he was only 9 and apparently that emmy was only one of three his father has won for soundmixing, (I think for videogames). I don’t even know how to make a website right now, but he made one starting when he was 9!

More Games and Military

I recently came across an article about video games helping veterans control their combat dreams. Note that these soldiers aren’t diagnosed with PTSD. The article says that the “higher-gaming” group, veterans who played “hardcore” games (Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, etc.) and played more often, often felt more in-control of their dreams, that they were less intense, and that they could fight back. Their lower gamer category (people who played less often and tended to play more casual games) often felt more helpless than their higher-gaming counterparts.

It’s an interesting article about how games can be applied for something other than entertainment (not necessarily learning, but definitely an important application) and I hope you all take the chance to at least skim over it.