The End of an Era

I had no idea that this was today (actually, now it’s yesterday). Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the release of the Game Boy Advance in Japan. Why is this such a big deal? It basically marked the end of the Game Boy era. Nintendo would release two more Game Boy systems (the Advance SP, incorporating a smaller frame for smaller hands and a backlit screen and then the Game Boy Micro) but the Advance was the last big handheld system before the DS’s release.!5784259/ten-years-ago-today-the-last-game-boy-was-born/gallery

I remember buying my ticket that guaranteed me a GBA on launch day in the US, and then going to Wal-Mart that morning to pick it up and get my first game (Castlevania: Circle of the Moon) and being so incredibly excited in the weeks leading up to launch. I thought I’d share that bit of nostalgia with you all.

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  1. caramol
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 21:22:13

    I remember when Gameboy system releases were a REALLY big deal. When the Gameboy Color came out, it was a big deal. Then when the Gameboy Advance, it was an even bigger deal. Now-a-days there’s a new Gameboy system coming out like very other day. With the SP, then the DS, then the DS Lite, then the DSi, then the DSiXL, and now the 3DS (and I’m sure there will be an update with that pretty soon)…. it just doesn’t seem that important when a new Gameboy comes out. I don’t know if this is just a trend across all technology or if I’m just growing up. Crap…


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