Article on Technology and Youth

This article is pretty interesting about the changing world that today’s youth are being brought up in. In a recent survey, 14% of kids age 4 or 5 could tie their shoes, while 21% could play or operate at least one smartphone app. It seems that kids are able to operate pretty sophisticated technology at very y0ung ages. This seems very promising for educational game designers because it seems their products are very attractive to kids and parents even before these kids enter formal schooling. But it also brings up the question of when kids should be introduced to technology. Its a little bit strange that before kids know their address, can tie their shoes, or know to call 911 in an emergency, that they are able to operate computer games and surf the web. It also points to the content that young kids are exposed to through technology at such an impressionable age.

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  1. jrubel
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 20:31:39

    It is obvious that technology is addictive, mainly because we are surrounded by it everywhere. You can’t go anywhere without hearing a phone ring or vibrate or see someone absorbed in a text message conversation. New applications on cell phones are expanding, social networking sites and exploding, and the Internet is used daily by individuals. In today’s society, technology is a major party of everyday life. However, some believe that there is an unhealthy use of technology. Last year, in response to parents’ concerns about their kid’s obsession with gaming, mobile phones, television, and the Internet, doctors in London introduced what they claimed to be the first dedicated clinic to deal with technology addiction in young people. The center will accept children as young as 12. Kids in the clinic will go “cold turkey” and the new service will teach these kids face-to-face social skills.

    I think this is an interesting point, since technology today has decreased our generation’s ability to interact without a cell phone or computer.


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