Khan Academy Genius

The Khan academy incorporates gaming elements into its newly designed webpage. The ability to gain badges for whatever skills you achieve in the fields studied serves to indicate how prestigious a student is. But the limit to this feature is that it does not affect the education experience other than colleting badges.

The idea is promising but need development. Earning badges for whatever skill obtained is also a non-organized way to rank a student. Even Khan himself said that they started to create badges for anything. If this system seeks to be fully functional, badge collection should lead to some form of award other than the feeling of learning something. This is hard since this feeling is above any other compensation for the student.

Could they maybe add a social aspect into the engine? Foster class group cooperation for task completion and group awards? Could these aspects be worked with the school involved (other than the teachers themselves) to provide field trips etc?

Whatever the outcome is, Khan Academy has grown substantially from its beginnings. The live teacher tracking of students’ progress was unexpected and genius, so as the knowledge web or map, which resembles that of game levels and tasks.


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