Thoughts on mastery, education and government

Zoho is a software company in India which, as an experiment, took 100 students without college degrees and put them in an intensive software engineering training course. It effectively created future IT employees from children who had economical obstacles. It also mentions in the interview that the children became so interested that they stayed long periods of time inside the training facilities even if they did not have any previous computer experience.

The successfulness of this program raises a lot of questions regarding education and serves as an example of human brain improvisation and learning versatility. Many of us are questioning the real value of higher education. Is higher education necessary to attain higher knowledge? Does tuition cover education or a simple diploma?

I think that at the end of the day, mastery is reached through self-control and purpose only. College does not guarantee anything other than a diploma. Nowadays higher education operates more as an industry rather than an instructional facility. We all know that teaching is seen as a burden for many professors whose only priority involves in publishing as many research papers as possible.

Zoho’s initiative also proves that higher education, credentials and diplomas are a form of social oppression. The only obstacle that prevents humans from exploiting their knowledge to new levels is purely bureaucratic. This also reflects upon the ineffective and absurd existence of a field such as political science. What if government was actually constructed by engineers? What if the only reason for nation design was to be efficiency? Things such as political interests and any other form of absurd political behavior would not be tolerated in this scenario. This is because at the end of the day, all types of conflict in human history are results of the greediness and interests of few elected representatives who are actually preselected already.


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  1. Maria Kramer
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 11:04:07

    Wow. My husband uses Zoho as an alternative to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs. He’ll be interested to know this!


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