Social Gaming

Social gaming is being hardwired into our daily lives. We can think of social gaming firstly as casual games that do not require a significant effort in learning, have simple rules but are also entertaining, they are boredom killers. Where did these games come from? I remember that during my middle school years, there was a booming number of websites which catalogued casual small games made primarily in flash. On top of these single player games, there were multiplayer games which engaged people to play against random web surfers. This might sound extremely familiar because multiplayer is another term for social gaming.

Facebook was probably the first engine that solidified all kinds of social networks and effectively crushed MySpace, which at the time had developed into a rather messy interface. With a solid social engine, the notion of social gaming exploded. Suddenly, people who previously had no game interest were playing with their own friends. It became a way to communicate, cooperate and solidify friendship, at least virtually, or among extroverts. (Facebook is primarily an extrovert social gaming

And then there are those who try to pour something virtual, such as social gaming, into the real world. 4Food ingeniously applies gaming strategies into its business model, in this context, gaming is not limited to entertainment anymore, and there are both monetary and social rewards. Furthermore, the Japanese ibuttlefly app is even more ingenious, it applies real world adventure (exploring the city in search for butterflies), encounters (stumbling upon people in search of same butterflies or hunting in groups) and economic benefits (discounts determined by captured butterflies).


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  1. Tessa
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 11:48:08

    Thank you for this blog post! I think it could be helpful in the collaboration portion of our team project. Also, the first link allows me to get my New York Times Dosage now that there is a 20 article per month limit…


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