Ever wonder how some of your favorite classic video games got developed?

If so, check this article out:


It’s a great example of how the structure and design of a game can affect its playability and entertainment value. Can you believe it? Super Mario 2 was almost a vertically scrolling type game. Thankfully, this prototype failed miserably and we ended up with the version we all know and love. I also thought that this was a refreshing thing to hear about Nintendo:

“The rapid-prototype development process on display here informs Nintendo’s design philosophy to this day. The company doesn’t begin development with characters and worlds: It starts by making sure that game boasts a fun and compelling game mechanic. If it’s not perfect, Nintendo has no qualms about throwing it out.”

This seems to be somewhat of a “lost art” today, with hundreds of repetitive first-person-shooters, sports game sequels, and GTA knock-offs on the shelves. The industry seems to be much less concerned with making  games that are truly great (forget perfect), and more concerned with making games that people will buy. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the nature of capitalism, however it would be nice to see a return to the “let’s make a perfect game” style of design and development. What do you guys think?

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