Charter School Adds DimensionU Learning System

I recently read an article about a group of New Orleans charter schools called the Algiers Charter Schools Association implementing educational video games into their curriculum. The Charter school implemented the DimensionU Learning System, which has won many prestigious awards, into their mathematics and literacy curriculum. The article goes on to state that the school felt motivated to implement this learning system because of the tremendous results they saw in student’s learning when they used the system. To quote the chief executive officer of Algiers Charter Schools Association Dr. Andrea Thomas-Reynolds, “We believe game-based learning is the future of classroom instruction…The teachers have noted that when the students are playing the DimensionU Games they see a real convergence of physical, virtual, and imaginary realities that will help our students thrive as they enter the 21st century workplace.”

This reinforces the theme behind our class studies that video games provide an educational service that can be useful in schooling. While currently unappreciated by many, video games will soon be a critical part of the educational process. This is the beginning of a movement towards using new and improving technologies in the educational world and continuing to develop these technologies so they can best serve our students.


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