Interesting perspective due to Edu 222

Let me start this out by saying I like to play video games. I play a wide variety from shooters, to sports, to RPGs, but recently I’ve been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 on my PC. This game is extremely fun and very intense, you have to be able to plan every move you make based on what your opponent is doing and knowing the best way to counter. It is similar to every RTS out there but I have a passion for Starcraft 2 because I have been waiting for this game to come out since 6th grade (I’m am currently a sophomore).

[I will be referring to the online game play in matchmaking 1 vs. 1 matches.] To get to the point there was a recent patch update that changed a lot of the outside of gameplay aspects of the game. One thing that struck me as particularly interesting was the fact that, unless you are in the top rank online divisions in the world, your loss count is no longer shown to you or anyone else. This got me thinking on some topics from the class and I started to question why Blizzard would do this, because frankly I find it very annoying to not know my Win/Loss ratio.

Starting with Gee’s principles I would say this update falls under the Psychosocial Moratorium principle (#6 on the wiki), the Subset principle (#23), and the Transfer principle (#29).

(6) Psychosocial Moratorium– Learners can take risks in a space where real-world consequences are lowered.

  • It is obvious how this is applied with this patch, it allows the lower ranking members to try new things against their opponents with little to no long term consequences (such as having an embarrassingly high lose count next to their name).

(23) Subset Principle– Learning even at its start takes place in a (simplified) subset of the real domain.

  • This is a little more foggy, but again if your losses are not displayed then you are learning how to be better at this game and therefore they try to simplify the different things you should be focusing on while at this stage in your skill level.

(29) Transfer Principle– Learners are given ample opportunity to practice, and support for, transferring what they have learned earlier to later problems, including problems that require adapting and transforming that earlier learning.

  • I look at the entire league rankings and matches up until you are some of the top level players that it is all just practice, and it is emphasized by the fact that you aren’t supposed to know your lose count. You are supposed to focus on what you have done right and improve on what you have done wrong so you can practice everything and become better

Finally just think about it are you going to be more willing to try something new (with the possibility for failure) if there is something that records all your failures??? I believe that this update can help lower skill level players keep interest in the game ad not get too concerned with the fact that they are losing.