Classic game(s) with a new twist

You might have already stumbled across this online game once before. (Copy and paste the above link into your browser!) If you haven’t, get ready to take a brief stroll down memory lane. Essentially, the game is pretty much the original Mario. Actually, it is the original Mario, the exact same game as a matter of fact. Except you are able to play the game with other classic NES video game characters instead! Sick of jumping on Goombas and hitting them with fireballs? It’s all good–take Mega Man and blast those turtles away with your arm cannon. Instead of growing bigger from a mushroom, he gets an armor upgrade. Speaking of armor upgrades, it is fun to play with Samus and jump all over the screen. I always thought it was funny when she balls up on the ground and rolls around laying mines. I can’t deny that Link is probably my favorite protagonist in any video game franchise, but I’ll admit that he isn’t my favorite character to play with. That spot belongs to Ryu from the NES Ninja Gaiden. It’s pretty cool how the music and sound effects change to reflect whichever character’s original game. And taking those short cuts never gets old. Don’t forget! Ride the upwards platform at the end of the second level and jump on top of the bricks in order to get to the secret warp zone! I will play the original Mario from time to time, and come to think of it, I don’t think I have played the third or fourth levels in over ten years.

Oh well, just wanted to share something nostalgic and fun.


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