Portal 2 as Written by Great American Authors

Videogames already have some pretty good writing, but what if they were created by not just good writers, but great writers? Here is a blog post that imagines that for Portal 2:


Got any rewrites of your own? Add them in the comments!

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  1. enreamer
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 23:03:56

    I am having difficulty making a new blog post. I will need to ask if this is a possibility in class on Wednesday, or if we will simply need to post in the comments each time, but, if anyone is more technically capable than me and is aware of how to go about creating a new blog post, please leave directions as another comment! I would greatly appreciate it. I struggle with this modern newfangled technology. My favorite games are still often PS1 or SNES games, and I am struggling to use the iPhone that I got for Christmas.

    I just watched the video about learning in video games that is posted as an introduction to the class on the CTools site. I wanted to share another video that I have seen that explores similar themes about learning. However, this video focuses more on in-game learning, as Professor Fishman described quickly in lecture today with the Incredibles game. This video, which my boyfriend shared with me when I told him that I was registered for this class, got me really excited, and I hope that it gets other people excited too! (Also, it is about Mega Man and Mega Man X, both of which are amazing games!) The link:

    Also, a funny story that my boyfriend shared with me about video games and learning: When he was younger, he was attempting to play Mario’s Time Machine, but the game required him to be able to read in order to progress. He wanted to play it badly enough that he was motivated to learn to read prior to kindergarten. His mother taught him, and Mario’s Time Machine is still one of his favorite games. What a great way for a game to motivate a child to learn! Does anyone else have funny anecdotes like this?


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