Getting Pumped for Class!

Yay! Professor Fishman helped me to reregister as a contributor for the blog; I was registered as a follower of the blog, which is why I could not make a new post. Oops!

I just watched the video about learning in video games that is posted as an introduction to the class on the CTools site. I wanted to share another video that I have seen that explores similar themes about learning. However, this video focuses more on in-game learning, as Professor Fishman described quickly in lecture today with the Incredibles game. This video, which my boyfriend shared with me when I told him that I was registered for this class, got me really excited, and I hope that it gets other people excited too! (Also, it is about Mega Man and Mega Man X, both of which are amazing games!)

Without further ado, the video:

Also, a funny story that my boyfriend shared with me about video games and learning: When he was younger, he was attempting to play Mario’s Time Machine, but the game required him to be able to read in order to progress. He wanted to play it badly enough that he was motivated to learn to read prior to kindergarten. His mother taught him, and Mario’s Time Machine is still one of his favorite games. What a great way for a game to motivate a child to learn! Does anyone else have funny anecdotes like this?

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  1. ryankaput
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 10:52:32

    Ah you beat me to posting this video. I think it makes a great point of how games are becoming more and more dumbed down, and that they really don’t need to be for a good player experience. In fact, as the video points out, letting the player learn and apply new skills on his or her own allows him or her to develop a much greater internal satisfaction. This game is a stark contrast to a game I just finished recently, Skyward Sword, which featured a (super annoying) non-playable character named Fi. Fi is always more than eager to give you unnecessary hints and warnings all the time, something that the Sequelitis video complains about. Sometimes I wonder how much better Skyward Sword could have been if its style had been a bit more like that of MegaMan X…


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