Extra Credits

James Portnow and Daniel Floyd, the team behind the YouTube video we were required to watch for class, have an ongoing web series about video games called Extra Credits. They mostly talk about how video games should be taken seriously by thinking deeply about what’s in the games and what they mean, but they have some episodes more relevant to this class.

Main page for the series.

Relevant Episodes:

Tutorials 101: about how to do game tutorials properly.

Tangential Learning: a newer version of the episode that we watched already — the biggest difference is the art has been redone and some scripting has been changed

Gamification and Gamifying Education: outlines some principles that leads to something very similar to the structure of this class. In fact, at first I thought that this class was designed like this because of these videos.

These are just a few that are immediately relevant to the class. If and when I find more that are relevant as the year goes on, I’ll post about them here.


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