Kid Goes Crazy About His Game

I am pretty sure most of you have seen this video already, but I looked at a recent post, and I have not seen it. Personally I find it very funny, but I think it can also be an educational video.

I thought it might be a good idea to post it here since we were talking about World of Warcraft in class and how it can help you to get certain skills required to get a job. Here is a video which is not going to support this argument, but will be more of a reminder for every one to take breaks while playing their games during the semester. I think that the kid from this video might be a great example of someone who forgot to take breaks while playing his favorite World of Warcraft and completely forgot about the real world. It is easy to tell that the boy really lost control over what is going on. I think that he does not understand the problem he has. The problem is that he is not able to distinguish the difference between his real personality and his game character. It is probably the effect of not taking breaks from the game and also the fact that apparently his parents reacted too late to their son’s addiction to that game. I believe that one of the best methods of learning is to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than committing them yourself.

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  1. hansmd6
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 04:38:50

    My favorite part about reactions like this is when people still try to claim that video games have no addictive qualities about them. There is no question in my mind that games like World of Warcraft contain elements that can cause addiction-like qualities in children and adults. The whole technique of making these games more fun seems to be to make more “achievement”-based quests and actions. You’re basically being strung along a chain of positive emotions the whole time.

    While I’m not sold on this particular video being absolutely real, it seems like a valid representation of what might happen when those positive emotions are cut off. People freak out. In general, addiction has to do with the body “getting used” to the current abnormal conditions it finds itself in. When World of Warcraft is sending millions of signals of serotonin/dopamine to the brain, the brain compensates by producing less amounts for itself. In turn, when the supply is broken off due to WoW being canceled, the brain has a huge deficit of its normal brain chemistry. What happens can be similar to the video above. The kid is raging in a large way because of his body’s fear of subconsciously-known soon-to-come depression.

    Having played WoW, I get it. I know the feeling that it can create in you. You truly can become invested in your character, the world, but also in the friends and guild members who may have come to rely on you. People take this stuff so lightly sometimes, claiming that “it’s just a game, get over it.” It’s not always that easy; sometimes there are serious social or mental ties that can weight someone down.


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