Apple and Education part2

On Thursday, January 19th Apple announced their plan to introduce technology into the education process. Since Apple is producing an iPad, which they advertise as a product that is revolutionary, it is not hard to figure out that this product is expected to revolutionize education. The key point of their presentation was to introduce the interactive textbooks designed exclusively for an iPad. These books can be purchased directly from the device, which is very convenient compared to ordering textbooks from Amazon and waiting for them. They should also be cheaper, but since the service just started there is not much of information about the average price of textbooks. Furthermore, the biggest advantage is the book itself, since it is interactive. This means that besides the text, the user gets access to videos, animations, 3d models and other cool stuff one can play with right inside the book. It sounds pretty cool to me, so I will be waiting to see if these books will really find the place in the real world. However, from my point of view the most interesting point of their announcement is iTunes U. This simple app is supposed to be something like Ctools, but better. It should give us access to our classes, textbooks, gradebook, videos, podcasts, announcements and notes that we were taking either in class or in the interactive textbook.

Everything sounds pretty exciting if you like the newest technology in the classroom, but there are also some disadvantages of these new books. Their sizes are up to 2Gb, which might be a lot when you have a 16Gb iPad and a couple interactive textbooks loaded.

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