Overseas Research Highlights the Importance of Video Games

In reading some global news online, I came across this interesting article from the Irish Times that fell very nicely into the initial conversations we had in the class about the false stigmas associated with children and video gaming.  It seems that even research overseas is making similar findings about how we should not reject technology, especially video games, as a means of educational development tools just because many are under the impression that they are mindless games.

The set up of the research project is interesting in its investigation of how the general activities that parents structure into the lives of their children affect their skills in the classroom.  The research found that “time spent on computers and video gaming seems to promote engagement and achievement at school”. Still, the article focuses on the importance of other activities as well, with Ian Robertson, professor of psychology at Trinity College Dublin, saying ““it is all about balance.” The risk is the use of technology will take over at the expense of other activities”.  Take a look at the article in its entirety and see what else it said about activities, television, and sports affecting childhood development:


– Katie O’Kane

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