Video Games Key To Ward Off Alzheimer’s?

I was looking through the Yahoo news and came across something I thought was so interesting!  A 100-year-old, Kathleen Connell, likes to thank Nintendo DS for her newly sharpened mind.  She is claiming that her Nintendo DS helps her memory stay in “good shape”, and before she started playing on her device she really had trouble remembering things.  One thing she was very proud of is the mental age she scored, a 64, on her Brain Trainer game, which is a really good score for someone aged 100 years, if you ask me. Researchers from the University of California say that they may have found a connection between certain activities that stimulate one’s brain and levels of a particular protein that is thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease.  Of course they are not saying it is just the Brain Trainer Game that stimulates the brain, however, this certain game does seem to work for Connell.  She speaks so highly of this device, one in which keeps her brain so highly active.  It would be interesting to find out more about the connections between video games and memory!

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