Tax on Violent Video Games

The internet has recently been buzzing with talk of a tax on violent video games. William Fourkiller (yes, his that’s his real last name), a rep for Oklahoma has proposed that any game with a teen or above rating by the ESRB get a 1 percent tax placed upon them with the reasoning that  “Violent video games contribute to some of our societal problems like obesity and bullying.” While this claim has been something that has been debated for the past couple of decades, many studies have indicated that violent or mature video games do not do such a thing. Further, the Teen rating really casts a large shadow over what games would be taxed. Sure, a 1 percent tax isn’t a lot, but what do bills like this say about the video game industry? With Obama and company trying to put out great educational video games with high production value (post on this here), I don’t really see how this bill would work in tandem with such a proposal. Can we not make an educational video game made for a more mature audience or even a teen audience?

William Fourkiller


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