To The Future!

Classmates, we live in an exciting day and age.  The digital age has done nothing but gain momentum as we spring towards an unknown future.  I can sum up how quickly technology has improved with 2 images.  The first is the videogame FIFA International Soccer, released in 1994:

FIFA International Soccer, released in 1994

And the second is from the recently released FIFA 2012:

FIFA 2012, released in 2012

These 2 images are only 18 years apart! It is not unrealistic to predict that within a few centuries, we will have to ability to perfectly emulate reality and create simulations so realistic that the human mind will be unable to  comprehend the differences between simulation and reality.

An optimistic futurist might predict that within a few centuries, we will obtain the ability to upload and simulate an entire human consciousness.  Will humanity then merge consciousness and become a single, collective cyber-mind?  Or will we instead live in a Matrix-style manner and be able to live out an infinite number of digital, simulated lives?

A paranoid conspiracy theorist might predict that this has already happened, and that if you pay careful attention you can sometimes see a g̉ͣ҉̞l̞̜̗͉̹̠̓̇͑̃̽̋i̧̘̗̞͎̯͕͕̟̮ͩͤ͋͊ͧ̽̔̍́t͎̭͚͇̺̓̋̚͘č͇͍͋̈̋̉ḩ̨̢̗͔͖̆̋ͧ̃̽ in your personal simulation…


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  1. seangordon
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 11:35:30

    Those two pictures demonstrate a clear example of just how much games have changed. But I think the idea about uploading a conscience is VERY optimistic. Let’s just assume that through some magic breakthrough in science, they are actually able to achieve this effect. Think of the health concerns. Would you be willing to upload your brain into a simulation? What if the power goes off? Do you lose your memory? Do you become a limp vegetable? And if the mind can’t differentiate between reality and the game, then is it like the Matrix that if you die there, then you die in real life?

    I think we’d need significant improvements in the understanding of the human brain (and obviously virtual reality/video games) in order to ever do this. Sure, the potentials are amazing, but I really think that tech like this would lead to a very distopian society where nobody leaves their simulations. If we can all get over sticking a giant needle in the back of our brains or sticking some nasty umbilical cord type thing in our spine (a la eXistenZ), why not just plug the whole earth into these systems, put everybody on an IV food drip, and have drones running around doing the maintenance? Then everybody just lives in paradise and we all live happily ever after…Ehhh- you know the rest from any major movie that deals with this topic.


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