Eye-Controlled Video Game


I thought this was pretty awesome; it is the first eye controlled video game. On top of that, it is the classic arcade game Asteroids. It was created by a company called Tobii that develops eye-tracking technology. The game itself only has one button that you use only once to start the game. After that, the game uses a strip of infrared sensors below the screen to scan your eyes and calibrate the system. The Earth stands in the middle of the screen, all you have to do is look at an incoming asteroid, pause slightly to shoot, and move on to the next target. Click on the link to watch the video game in action. Each machine costs $15,000, and there will only be 50 made.

I think this has awesome implications for the future of video gaming. One major improvement will be that controls no longer have to be done by the hand. As seen by Kinect, and now this game, full body movements can be used as controls in the game. Essentially, this fully immerses the player in the video game action. Add in 3-D, and you have yourself the mini-matrix. Not only is this great news for the gaming industry but for all other sorts of industries as well. I can envision this being used to help the disabled communicate without having to physically implant electrodes in their brains. It the future quadriplegics will be able to use sort of technology to communicate through computers that will free them from the constraints of their body. Just by tracking their eye movements, computers would be able to write out sentences for them so they can communicate with other people. This sort of technology could also be used to help them get around and do everyday activities.

I could also see this kind of technology being implemented in the courtroom. It is commonly accepted that people make different eye movements when lying compared to when they are telling the truth. This type of technology could record eye movements of witnesses or defendants for example and confirm when a person is telling the truth or lying.

These are only a few of the many possibilities this technology has to offer. Check out the video though because it is pretty cool. Definitely a mind-blowing advancement since the time the actual game was released in 1979.


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