Another Benefit of Playing Games

New research has shown the benefits of playing games – they can improve your memory or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Many of your favorite smart phone games are “brain-training” ones, which are designed to increase cognitive activity and memory. The market for these games continues to grow as new research shows their benefits. One of the largest companies involved in this market is Lumosity, you can check out some of their games here:

Even games that aren’t “brain-training” ones also help keep the mind active because the majority of them still require a lot of focus to play. Some examples of these types of games include Angry Bird, Tower Defense, and more. Research has shown that these types of games slow the growth of a specific brain protein that contributes to memory loss.

Kathleen Connell, a 100-year old woman from the United Kingdom, is an avid supporter of games. She believes they have helped contribute to her healthy lifestyle and have allowed her to keep mentally sharp even through the test of time. She spends at least a couple hours a day playing video games.

As more research continues to come out about the benefits of video games, I wonder what type of impact it will have going forward. Will more companies get involved in the “brain-training” market? We know from our lectures and readings that video games can potentially benefit how schools teach younger students, but will a large market emerge for video games targeted at older folks?

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