Gamification and satire.

Game theory, along with gamification often yields to very interesting outcomes. For philosophical thought experiments such as the prisoner’s dilemma or the tragedy of commons, a counter intuitive, but sensible response is the outcome. However, in dystopias, this can be a crazy thing:

(strong language advisory!)

Gang life is a lot like school, you learn essential skills that you apply to real life (thought gang activities tend to be a little more dangerous and unethical). So why shouldn’t they have some sort of videogame to supplement learning? As a matter of fact, what if the game itself was the gang’s method of settling disputes? No need to practice with that stolen weaponary, just go to the arcade!

Enjoy the trailer you guys, it’s quite entertaining.

Also a shoutout to XKCD for this sweet valentine’s day dilemma involving game theory.

Perhaps romance needs gamification as well…


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