Gamification of Learning

I found an article at:

The timing of me stumbling upon this article was impeccable.  It’s titled “Motivating Students and the Gamification of Learning” and it’s written by the President of Khan Academy (which we talked about today).  One part of the article talks about the horrible motivation techniques that high schools use. I could definitely relate to this and I’m sure than many of you could, too!  I was a great student in high school and (just like the article says) I was thinking “What’s the minimum I can do to get an ‘A’ in this class, and what other extra-curricular activities can I add to my resume that colleges will like?”  Did many of you have this same idea?  I’m sure you did…

The remainder of the article is basically a summary of what we learned about today in lecture.  It’s about gamification impacting learning.  Very cool!


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