Spoiled Gamers: Taking Bad Games for Granted

I was looking at video reviews of video games on IGN.com and came across this one.

This is IGN’s review of the game, Amy, which they have rated 2 of 10 and “Painful”. The reviewer strongly recommends that gamers avoid Amy at all costs. Personally, from the video gameplay, I agree with everything. The poor visual quality and movement of characters made the video difficult to watch.

However, it makes me think about the evolution of games…

I wonder how “painful” Amy would have been if it were one of the first games released on Playstation 2. Probably much less. In that scope of gameplay history, Amy may have been a highly rated game.

Think about it. The graphics are obviously better than most early Xbox and PS One and PS2 games. There is an element of horror that has always been popular in games. Amy revolves around protecting a little girl. Protecting a helpless character(s), is a fairly new phenomenon found in gaming today that would have been cutting-edge at an earlier time.

This is not to say Amy should be cut slack because gamers have been spoiled by fantastic games like Alan Wake (Rated 9.0) and UFC Undisputed 3 (Rated 9.0). After all, games should strive to be good like them. This is also not to say, games should lose value over time (although they do lose price…) because a good game can surpass its lacking technology.

My point here is to emphasize the need for multidimensional-thinking when rating video games. You can’t simply rate a game on the quality of the technology. You should examine the narrative (if there is one), the replay-ability of the game, how much a game enriches your life, and other aspects that make a game 10-of-10-worthy.

Don’t be so quick to discount a game like Amy because of its poor visual/kinetic quality.

However, Amy in particular, is an awful game for other reasons. 🙂

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