Better interfaces for game design

I recently found a fantastic video making the rounds on some programming boards I follow.

The video is by a user interface developer named Bret Victor who apparently is really into improving interfaces for software and game developers. If you want to skip some of the boilerplate stuff, fast forward to 2 minutes.

This sort of tool would no doubt have come in handy for the people who made platformers for the game design portion of this class. Just goes to show that there’s still tons of headway to be made in the game development world.

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  1. nberlage
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 00:10:27

    I am curious to know what the author means by the statement “Just goes to show that there’s still tons of headway to be made in the game development world.” After watching the video it seems almost as though the author made the wrong inferences about the abilities of skilled game producers. Sure, the gaming design website and features we played around with in class were basic, but we weren’t writing code on any level near the complexity of what was demonstrated. We are amatuers so we can’t expect to be able to use the same features that the creators of Super Mario Bros. toggled with enroute to creating one of the most popular video games in history.

    In my opinion, this article did a fantastic job of explaining to a novice just how much control and precision over what goes on in a game the creators must have during all stages of production. Furthermore, the mario-esque game that was shown as an example is but a elementary example of what now exists today. Imagine what the code must look like for a game like Madden 2012. The interactive interface the creator must have in order to both control and visualize the incredibly high number of simultaneous actions going on in a single football play is undoubtedly astronomical.


  2. wittekm
    Mar 14, 2012 @ 00:11:02

    I agree, Gamestar is incredibly basic, but such tools as shown in this video are huge improvements to what has often been a trial-and-error approach. Having played around with SDKs including Unreal and Source, the editors really prioritize creating and placing content but do nothing to help developers in the design aspect. What’s so special about the linked video is that it helps game developers in designing of levels through simulation.


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