Iphones and children

The other day I was sitting at Sweetwaters and saw a couple play with their toddler. It caught me off guard when the child reached over and grabbed a Dr. Seuss book from table and instead of reading it to their child, the parents snatched it away and shoved an iphone into his hands instead.  My first reaction was to be horrified, reading is so important for a child’s growth! However, as technology becomes even more present in our daily lives, maybe instead of prevent it, we have to mold it in a way that is beneficial to children.

One site i found http://sharkfuel.hubpages.com/hub/Why-iPhone-Games-Useful-for-Children argued that iphone games can be useful in increasing interest in a certain subject.  Many sites exist that inform parents what the best games for their children are. This site http://www.ikidapps.com/2011/02/best-free-kids-apps-for-iphone.html shares apps like Simon Original (that memorizing color pattern game we all played), finger draw paint (without the mess?) and handwriting games.  While it might not be ideal for children to start using technology like iphones and ipads at such a young age, it can be beneficial if used properly!


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  1. Nick Berlage
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 11:28:18

    The author said it herself, “technology is ever ‘present’ in today’s society”. The major, and extremely disappointing difference is that these parents are CHOOSING to use it with their young children during the most influential and vital years of their life. Presence does not go hand in hand with necessity. Technology exists for people old enough to benefit from it in ways that aren’t otherwise possible. Sure you can save a messy floor of finger paint by letting the kid play “Draw Something” but take a step back and thing about the manner in which you are actually hurting your child by saving yourself some work (cleaning up). Granted there are a select few games in the technology field that could be beneficial to occasionally supplement into child development, but the word “implementation” should be nonexistent.


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