Video Games and Violence

I have taken multiple psychology classes here at the University and have come across a few articles pertaining to video games and violence, especially in younger children.

The articles have centered around the idea that violent video games make younger children more violent in interactions with other peers.  I am not saying that all of these articles don’t have some good points but I don’t think that violent video games are the reason for violent behavior in younger children.  If we were able to somehow prevent violent video games from getting in the hands of children, I still think children would be exposed to violent behavior by other means.  Every once in a while there is a news story about an adolescent that acts out in a harmful way because of a violent video game.  Not to say that a violent video game isn’t the problem but I don’t think it is the result of the behavior.

I think the better approach is to make young children aware that violence on television and violence in video games is not an accurate portrayal of real life.  Violence in video games may be a problem, however, I think that there are deeper problems with violence that need to be resolved.   Of course, young children shouldn’t be playing violent video games in the first place but I don’t think thirteen and fourteen year olds are going to stop playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty any time soon.


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