Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge is one of the first games I have downloaded on my smartphone. It is defined as a puzzle game stimulating your brain by mental exercises. The whole idea of the game is that after playing it you should be able to use a bigger percentage of your brain than before. However, this is just a description from the game developers, and it is not proved by any studies. Anyways, the game consists of many mini puzzle games that actually are pretty entertaining and addicting. They are divided in to many subcategories such as: memory, logic, math, visual and focus. In each category we can unlock a number of games that we can play at different levels of difficulty.

As it was said in our lecture that these kinds of games do not necessarily help you use more of your brain as opposed to mastering the mini games. In other words, to improve your overall result you have to play a lot to learn how to get higher scores. In many of these subcategories it is just the matter of mastering the system by simply learning the game rules. However, in the math subcategory the player has to improve his math skills and time needed to provide the correct answer. This means that if a player wants to get a higher score overall he has to also do better in math, and he actually has to do his calculations faster and more accurately.

My whole point is that I doubt if games like Brain Challenge can increase your intelligence level or help you use your brain more efficiently in every day life. However, certain mini games that are part of the game can help you improve some of the skills you are using in a every day life such as simple math calculations that we all do but in the era of computers and smartphones, people prefer sometimes to download an application to count the tip at the restaurant, rather than doing the math themselves.

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